500large pronunciation lessons


what is it bandeau

If you wish to improve your pronunciation, then, these private 1:1 lessons are for you! Unlike my Pronunciation Atelier [see here], these lessons are more focus on general pronunciation, meaning we will use reading and any kind of texts in French to improve your pronunciation. From easy books  to French litterature, articles from newspapers, magazines, etc; we will take the time to read together and to speak in French so you can feel more at ease and pronounce whathever you read and come accross with more fluidity and less hesitation! 


is it for everyone bandeau

Yes! Whether you are a beginner or an advanced learner, you can totally take these lessons! 

However, if you are a total beginner in French, then I advice you to start with my Pronunciation Atelier, so French vowels, consonants and sounds won't have any secrets for you anymore! 


after the class bandeau

After each class,  I will send you the pages we will have worked on together during the lesson


how to purchase bandeau

Use the Paypal button below to buy a lesson. Once it’s done, I will come back to you within 24 hours via email to schedule a first date and time for the first class and we’ll be able to start as soon as you wish! (don't forget to check your spam box in case my email gets lost, it can happen if we have different addresses such as @hotmail / @gmail / @yahoo, etc...) 


1 lesson of 50min = 21€ ⤵️          



⭐ Pack: 5 lessons of 50min = 93€ ⤵️



MONDAY TO FRIDAY:9am - 12pm / 2pm - 7pm (France time)