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🌸 My name is Amandine, I'm 31 years-old and I'm a French native, born, raised and living in France. I have been an independent full-time online tutor, pronunciation coach and translator since 2019, as well as an author, since 2012.

🌸 I am a patient person and I know the daily struggles of learning a new language, especially learning a language such as French. But with perseverance, consistency and patience, you can achieve your goals and you can become fluent in French. Whether you want to understand what you read, hear or simply travelling or living in France, you can reach the level you want.

🌸 Keep in mind that when we start learning something for the first time, we go back to this whole new state where we have to start from the basics to master the grammar, the pronunciation or the vocabulary. Language learning journey is made of ups and downs but you never forget what you learn. Your brain always remembers and engraves every thing you memorize or work on and you will never lose your progress! What you know is assimilated and this fact will never change.

🌸 As a tutor and coach, I am here to listen to you and your goals, to understand your weaknesses and to help you finding the best way to overcome them. I am here to guide you throughout the process and to create tailored lessons for you, according to your level. If we need to spend more time on a chapter or on some exercises until you understand or master it, we will do it. I will provide guidance, help, attention and follow-up of your progress. I will give you some tips, helping you understand the subtleties of French language and grammar and I will stick with you for as long as you need it.

🌸 Let’s start this journey together and let’s appreciate the beauty of French, exchanging about our cultures, ideas but more importantly: let’s focus on YOU and your lessons! 😊