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This pack is a full Pronunciation Atelier. In this pack, you will learn absolutely everything you need about pronunciation in French. It is not made for you to download and work on your own but for you to meet me for one on one lessons of 50min each, to complete it and to let me guide you about French pronunciation. This Atelier consists of 11 modules, or 280 pages - complete and detailed.

💡  Keep in mind that you will work with me 1:1 one 50min long private lessons during which I will provide you guidance, knowledge and tips regarding French phonetics and pronunciation. I will be here all along to pronounce with you, correct you if you struggle, explain some subtleties and show you how to speak with more ease and fluidity in French.


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This course is COMPLETELY FOCUSED ON PRONUNCIATION, and we work on how to correctly pronounce everything you’ll come across and read in French. 


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🔍 You will learn all the alphabet, the vowels, consonants, semi-consonants, nasal sounds, oral sounds, combinations of letters, letters on their own and the sound they make alone (such as: W, H, S, Y, R, X, T, F) or together to create different sounds you come accross in french words (such as: CH, GN, IEN, AILLE, EILLE, OIN, EIN, AIN, OI, EU, SC, SS, JE, GUE, PH, LL…).


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🔍 You will learn how to make the liaison in French and the rules of it (when are you supposed to use it, and where it’s forbidden according to French pronunciation rules, as well as exceptions).

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📣​ You will pronounce along with me and you will also learn how to physically use your tongue, mouth and vocal cords to make each sound in French so you can master your pronunciation wherever you read aloud in French or wherever you come across something that was unfamiliar for you so far while learning the language.

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📃 We will also read words, sentences and texts to practice and to make a proper liaison between the words that need it, we will also listen to some audios to recognize and target the pronunciation made by French native speakers. At the end of this Atelier, you'll be able to recognize each sound and differences in the French alphabet and to read with more ease, knowing exactly how each letter/combination of letters is supposed to sound like.


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Yes! Whether you are a beginner or an advanced learner, you can totally take this class! The goal here is to get familiar with the sounds, the shapes of the mouth and tongue, the pronunciation, the different letters, combinations and of course, the liaisons in French. It’ll include some listening and reading but only for pronouncing and practicing this part so you don’t need to know every word and every detail of the language to take this course.


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Your accent is your identity. Getting rid of it would mean getting rid of who you are. You've been immersed in your mother tongue and culture/country since day one, and thanks to this you are able to communicate and live within the society you're in. You won't be able to completely get rid of your accent but with practice and by knowing how to work the muscles of your mouth and tongue, you'll train your brain to memorize a whole new pronunciation pattern and you'll be able to modify or hide with fluidity your native accent. And the more you'll speak with native and mimic the sounds they make, the more you'll definitely improve and be better at it! 


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After each class, like in a regular French class, I will send you the pages we will have worked on together during the lesson. It’ll be like this after each lesson until the end of the full course; by the end of it, you'll have received it entirely. 

NOTE that a single session lasts 50min, but if your schedule allows it, you can do two hours in a row, of course.


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You just have to purchase it like a regular French class. Use the Paypal button below. Once it’s done, I will come back to you within 24 hours via email to schedule a first date and time for the first class and we’ll be able to start as soon as you wish! (don't forget to check your spam box in case my email gets lost, it can happen if we have different addresses such as @hotmail / @gmail / @yahoo, etc...) 


⤵️ PRONUNCIATION ATELIER (11 modules) = 210€ ⤵️



NOTE: a single session is 50min long. You can also book two hours in a row if your schedule allows it, but if you book a single session each time, it lasts 50min. This pronunciation Atelier is very complete and therefore, long and detailed. Note that it may take a few weeks or months to complete all the modules together. REFUNDS ARE NOT MADE.




MONDAY TO FRIDAY:9am - 12pm / 2pm - 7pm (France time)