You work in the entertainment field and you need help with French? Your job is to be in contact with the public or even a production for a movie, series, working into the concert department, or you are:

⭐ An actor ⭐ A dancer   A singer ⭐ A choreographer  ⭐ A producer  ⭐ A music producer  

⭐ A stylist ⭐ A background actor  ⭐ A voice-over artist  ⭐ A stunt actor  ⭐ A makeup artist 

⭐ A publicist ⭐ A photographer  ⭐ An entertainment writer  ⭐ A booking agent 

⭐ An animator  ⭐ A theater manager  ⭐ A cinematographer ⭐ A casting manager  

An entertainment marketer ⭐ An audio engineer ⭐ A radio animator

(* if your job has been omitted from this list, please don't hesitate to still contact me 📩​ )


➡️ You need to master French or some lines to be able to communicate for a specific event/meeting/gathering? I can help you!


                                                                                                                             bande film                                                                                                                                                                                               

🟢 I have been an independent full-time French tutor (and an English-French translator) since 2019 and I have helped many people from many different countries around the world mastering/understanding French. 

 ➡️ I now offer as well private one on one online coaching to help entertainment workers/artists who need to speak French. More specifically, I offer coaching classes for different purposes such as:

💎​ Pronunciation (fluidity, phonetics)

💎​ Lines or dialogues you need to learn, in French, to be able to communicate/interact/learn for a role

💎​ Some basics for a specific meeting in France, or with French natives, or French colleagues

💎​ Fan meetings / showcases / meet and greet / interviews in French / comic-con / fansigns (interactions in French with a crowd for a public or private event/gathering)

💎​ Lyrics for a song that you need to learn or need to pronounce in order to meet French professionals/colleagues/artists in a professional context

💎​ Basic conversations you can have to feel more at ease and to blend with fluidity into the French atmosphere., etc.


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 🟠 Note that this coaching is not a regular French class where you will learn French from A to Z. It’s really specific and it’s targeting what YOU need to learn for your work/career. You provide whatever you need to work on, and I help you working with it and learning/pronouncing/using it in its context. 

✋​ I work online, through Zoom sessions, as a private tutor/coach, and I live and work from France  frenchflagicon

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If you would like to talk about your project, or if you need to send me any file regarding what you need to work on/learn in French, please contact me at this address: Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser. . I will respond to you within 24 hours. You can also contact me on Instagram (@apprendsetparle)Please, don't forget to check your spam box in case my email gets lost, it can happen if we have different addresses ; ex: @hotmail / @gmail / @yahoo, etc...)  


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⭐ One on one coaching: 50min = 40€ ⤵️


 * Note that the rates work per hour for this coaching.  


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MONDAY TO FRIDAY:9am - 12pm / 2pm - 7pm (France time)