✋  Note that I am not an interpreter. Therefore I mainly work on written projects. 


I'm specialized in these translations only:

- Books (about any topic or any genre: books for children, novels, books about personal development, business related books, literature, cooking books, etc...)

- Short stories (published for newspapers, blogs, websites, school newspapers, local newspapers, etc)

- Articles (for newspapers, blogs, websites... about any topic or genre)

- Classes/Trainings (online or to a physical public - ex: conferences)

- Video games

- Tarot decks 

- Songs (album, album cover, lyrics, booklet)

- Speeches (any kind of speech: for conferences, work, presentations - for university or work -, wedding/funeral, etc)

- History (historical articles, old letters, old documents related to history, historical family documents, old/historical epistolary exchanges, etc)


🟢 If you would like to have a project translated from French to English or from English to French, don't hesitate to contact me so that I can make an estimate and offer you prices related to the requested service. Note that an estimate includes a rate based on the number of pages or words, the duration of the project, the time it may take me as a freelance translator, the frequency of requests I receive and also the frequency of your request if you ask me once or on a daily/regular basis.

📝 I have been an independent translator (as well as a French tutor & coach) since 2019. I have translated in differenf fields such as personal documents, historical documents, video games, online personal development master classes/trainings created by doctors and professionals - documents based on medical vocabulary (the brain) and psychology -, Curriculum Vitae, etc... 

🔃  I mostly translate from English to French (my mother tongue), but I am also qualified to translate the other way around, French to English, if needed.


To contact me, use the "contact me" tab on the home page of this website. Thank you.