You wrote something in french, and you want to make sure what you wrote is correct? You want to make sure there is no mistakes or typos or simply checking the conjugation or the grammar of your text? I'm here for you! 

I correct any kind of text in French, my mother tongue. I have been a French/English translator as well as a writer for many years now, as well as an online French tutor and pronunciation coach. I am able to review and correct any kind of text (short, long, essay, book, novel, video game, article, school paper...) you would like to submit for a correction. 

 🟢 Note that I am unable to correct in short delays. So if you want a correction, please, do not contact me a few hours before, but a few days or weeks, if your project is urgent.  Don't hesitate to contact me so that I can make an estimate and offer you prices related to the requested service. Note that an estimate includes a rate based on the number of pages or words, the duration of the project, the time it may take me as a freelance translator/corrector, the frequency of requests I receive and also the frequency of your request if you ask me once or on a daily/regular basis.


To contact me, use the "contact me" tab on the home page of this website. Thank you.